Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is the last thing I remember before the wreck, and it's about 10 miles from where it happened. I saw these same pretty horses, and thought of Zmean1. But, it had just started to rain, and I was getting close to home, so decided not to stop. Evidently I was fully in control until I hit my head on the rocks, and was out for almost an hour before the EMT's go t there. A prison guard passing by gave me mouth to mouth to get me breathing after getting the mud and gravel out of my mouth. That was 1 year and 3 hours from the time I took this picture today. There is one more of the accident site..This is the last I'll ever post of the incident, but it was sort of a hard day not to remember. Of course, I had all the happy memories of the trip and Maggie Valley.
You may want to click to enlarge this. From what I was told, I hit an oil slick just before the area of rocks about half way through the curve. I was only going the speed limit according to witnesses and the police. (I still don't remember any of this). The bike threw me off when it left the road, and we both hit the rocks, bounced and ended up about half way back onto the pavement.
This nice little 883 Sportster is for sale. I made an offer, but I doubt if the owner will accept. Maybe if no one comes along with more cash, it will be mine. Would be nice to haul behind the 5 wheel and bring it to Arizona next winter. Needs tires and a good going over, but it has possibilities.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Not exactly a "short ride". This was the Sunday I left Maggie Valley last year. Made good time from North Carolina to Oregon...3 days. On the forth day, an oil slick, less than 50 miles from home, sort of ruined my trip. But, it's a new year, with a different bike, and all is well!

On the way home, we stopped in Bandon by the Sea to look around at some of the tourist stuff. This is inside the General Store. We also visited the Cranberry Sweets, but were too busy checking the samples that I forgot to take pictures. Pat is in the back, then Fred, Karen, and Preston. It was a chilly day, but fun. We had lunch at the Crazy Norwegian in Port Orford. Good food! I had a shrimp melt on sourdough with Pepper Jack cheese..Yummmmmy!
The wind is blowing about 40 knots, but Karen still had to go to the water's edge to check the tide pools. For a change, she didn't come back soaked............
Pat by ol' Rambler. The harbor in Port Orford isn't very well protected from the open sea, so the boats are hauled and placed in cradles when they are in port for more than just a short stay in good weather. The Salmon season opens this week, so these boats will be very busy for awhile. Most are line trollers. In other times, they made a lot of money. Because of Government regulations, many owners have lost their boats, and many more are on the edge of bankrupcy. They are hoping for a good season this year.
Seagull on a "Sea Stack" as Karen called the large rocks off shore. This in in the harbor of Port Orford, Oregon
Flygirl (Leasa Mays) stopped by last week. She's on a few day trip to see the Redwoods and some places in Northern California. She's on a different bike again. She's a real serious rider!
This is Julie, our trusty "guard dawg"
Spring is in the air! The flowers are starting to pop out. Even the little white ducks are enjoying the sunshine.
Pat, Preston and Fred. Fred bought my 900....sure is a good looking bike!