Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is the last thing I remember before the wreck, and it's about 10 miles from where it happened. I saw these same pretty horses, and thought of Zmean1. But, it had just started to rain, and I was getting close to home, so decided not to stop. Evidently I was fully in control until I hit my head on the rocks, and was out for almost an hour before the EMT's go t there. A prison guard passing by gave me mouth to mouth to get me breathing after getting the mud and gravel out of my mouth. That was 1 year and 3 hours from the time I took this picture today. There is one more of the accident site..This is the last I'll ever post of the incident, but it was sort of a hard day not to remember. Of course, I had all the happy memories of the trip and Maggie Valley.

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